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[das ist gut] Good to have you on the GDHE SLT course Scott!


Hmm yep. I think I may start to work a little more in the same way you are progressing. Chris does a similar thing to your method and I do to some extent but we have a less formal timeline to the feedback sessions as we often need to reach stages that are not always easily determined ahead of time. Still I think having a more repeated regime of what "I did well" and "not well" and discussion around these areas could be timely. As you know I'm working on stuents presenting and collaborating in a variety of ways at present also. 


Mindmeister. hmmmm, I've tried to investigate this and thanks for the invite into this tool. I do have a problem walking through someone else's mind.
My own mind is messy enough.Can I ask... do you guys get together around the mindmap together in 'face to face'? or approach it from your own spaces?


Hi Merf: In fact we do/did both, the map evolved out of our discussions, so I suppose you can say we talked about it, then decided to put our thoughts and ideas down in such away that we could use/express them

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