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Vickel Narayan

“Is our first assessment reading ten significant papers and commenting on them really encompassing the concepts of E-learning and the living curriculum or is it just transferring the paper-based ideas from the past to the web?”

The assessment events and even the assessment rubric don’t require you to simply regurgitate what you have read, it has an element of critical thinking and analysis – Assessment rubric- “Associations with your current practice in Class Justifications of: (1) How do the ideas fit/doesn't fit with your practice in class and (2) potential impact on student learning.” As you identified in your post “incorporate practices that focus on the student capacity to analyse their own knowledge, practice independent judgment and evaluate their own and others performance”, do you not feel the course so far and the assessment is asking you to do this? Normally similar assessments are written essays of about 3000 words. The reason we asked for 10 blog posts was to provide guidance, feedback, allow a degree of authenticity in the process and create a social presence for collaboration (Twitter).

What we expect you to be able to do from your readings is identify areas in your practice that could be done differently and perhaps effectively, be able to justify what you will be doing and why. From things we have done in class and some Web 2.0 tools we have demoed, you should be able to appropriate them in a way that suits your context for learning and teaching.

There are many cases where people use technology for the sake of using it with no clear understanding or pedagogical underpinnings. We don’t want to encourage this hence practice with regard to theory is important.

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