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Hi Scuzi66. The only issue I might see in discarding the relevancy of Web 1.0 tools, is (I'm sure you'll agree) that it is a safe starting point for many people to launch into Web 2.0 stuff. Individuals must trust the new environment first. I myself refused to have a open blog for a start. I now feel I'll only keep a blog private for as long as I feel it is in draft form, then open it progressively to group members, then all comers. I very much found "Blogging to Learn"(Anne Bartlett-Bragg, 2003)which witnesses and reports on a 5 stage process with learner groups. Also, "Back to the Future" (N.Dabbagh & R Reo, 2011) with the natural propensity for people to operate in 3 levels.
My own journey now allows me to chose which level is appropriate for my needs. True freedom.
I also found (Farmer & Bartlett-Bragg,2005) a terrific read with margin comments and mark-ups all over my copy.


Hi Merf: I was accurately not discounting web 1 tools, but stating that some of the comments that Farmer & Bartlett-Bragg made discounting some tools is with a the advent of web 2 no longer relevant. Everyone ,myself included, has a learning curve when it comes to blogging and some of that curve is being confident enough or able to express oneself.

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